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5 Must-Have Kurta Styles for Everyday Wear

by Shivani Badani 12 Jan 2024

Imagine you’re reminded of a ceremony one fine Saturday and all your clothes are at the laundry. You’re looking for something decent to wear and you can’t find anything but an old pair of jeans and a tee that won’t go for the event, but you wear it anyway. If you often face situations such as this, we have the perfect solution for you—our range of meticulously crafted, chic, and trendy Kurtas!

At Atheia, we believe in creating a beautiful amalgamation of traditional and contemporary kurta designs that are no less than perfect. Among these, are some that are timeless; that you can don to leave a lasting impression on any given day. Dive into our world of quintessential kurtas and adorn your wardrobe with these must-haves.

5 Must-Have Kurta Styles for Every Modern Woman’s Wardrobe

Embody sophistication with Atheia kurtas that are inspired by the legacy of our country, but also have an essence of modernity.

  1. The Classic Cotton Bandgala Kurta 

It’s famously said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We couldn’t agree more and think that the Bandgala kurta is a perfect example of this quote. When the need of the hour is ethereal simplicity, go for our classic cotton Bandgala kurtas. They come with crisp high necklines, collars, and front openings with beautiful, handcrafted buttons that add to its form and structure, without compromising on comfort.

2.   Playful Bell-Sleeve Printed Silk Kurta

Add a touch of playfulness to your wardrobe with our range of bell or flared-sleeve kurtas! Made with premium silk that’s elegant, soft, and luxurious, this kurta is available in orange and blue, and graces trending floral prints in complementing hues. Perfect to embrace your frolicking spirit, this piece can be worn when you need to let loose, move, and dance.

3.  Artistic A-Line Printed Rayon Kurta

Looking for an artistic piece that’s also comfortable and chic? You must not miss our A-line range of Printed Rayon Kurtas. It showcases the perfect marriage of the flowy A-line silhouette with classic, vibrant, and in-vogue prints; a fusion that speaks volumes about your artistic flair. Soft and breathable, pick any from our collection to glide through your daytime events effortlessly.  


4.  Elegant Cotton Anarkali Kurta 

Inspired by the traditional Anarkali suit, this cotton Anarkali kurta is full of character. While its fitted form on the top gives it an edge, the pleats around the waist exude timeless grace, making it suitable for various occasions. You get a range of hues to choose from to mix-n-match with contrasting or coordinated bottoms to complete the look.


5.  Ethnic Angarkha Style Kurtas

When one comes from a land of ethnic heritage, such as ours, it is imperative for them to have a few regal pieces for cultural events. Our Angarkha kurtas are an embodiment of history and style. They set the stage for women who don’t just follow trends to make a style statement. Which occasion is this apparel apt for? Absolutely any daytime event!


The kurta is not just any piece of clothing. It is a cultural fiesta that needs to be celebrated! Bring home Atheia’s handcrafted variety of kurtas and add a bit of traditional panache and contemporary jazz to your wardrobe. Click here to shop now!

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