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The Power of Accessorizing—Turning Mundane Into Magnificent

by Shivani Badani 27 Mar 2024

The mesmerizing world of fashion is incomplete without its detail; and detail, dear fashionista friends, is in the smaller things that can transform the beauty of the same ‘ol outfits–the accessories!

Accessorizing plays a vital role in defining the wearer’s innate style. Every time we accessorize at Atheia, we’re reminded of Yves Saint Laurent’s valuable words, "Fashions fade, style is eternal."

Simple but mindful additions to outfits can be a game-changer to transform any look and make fashion sustainable.

Here’s how you can steal the spotlight with the help of the right accessories.

  1. The Dance of the Dangling Earrings

Earrings suspending delicately from your ears don’t just frame your face, but also add a bit of oomph to your look, as they do to these Atheia apparel. Notice the varied shapes and colors used in the earrings; the beaded earrings complement our vibrant Jaipur Patchwork Top perfectly, while the elegant gold chandbalis elevate the beauty of our Floral Printed Chanderi Kurta.



  1. The Necklace Narratives

Craft your style narrative by pairing the necklaces in your collection with our range of premium apparel. It’s an art to enhance necklines without needing a tailor, but if you’re not versed in leveling up your style game with necklaces, here are some tips that will come in handy.

  1. Princess Style Necklaces – They adorn the area around the collarbone and are perfect for round necklines, like our Irina Printed Muslin Kurta Set, and sweetheart necklines too.
  2. Matinee Necklaces – These are longer and go with boat necklines, like our Polly Cotton Maxi Dress, but you can also experiment with other high necklines to create breathtaking looks.
  3. Chokers - They sit close to the base of the throat and thus complement V-neck or deep-neck apparel, such as the chunky oxidized silver choker we’ve paired here with our Veda Embroidered Kurta and the delicate gold necklace with the red Aurora Silk Kurta.


  1. The Rhythm of Wrist Adornments

Add rhythm and movement to your entire look with bangles, bracelets, and armlets. Whether chunky or delicate, in-vogue or timeless, ensure they resonate with your unique style.

We’ve paired some exquisite bangles with our yellow Pinacolada Cotton Co-Ord Set, green Harper Printed Kurta Set, and pink Buttercup Cotton Co-Ord Set to demonstrate how you can balance your look, whether boho-chic, fusion, or ethnic.


  1. Glamor for Your Fingers

No matter how small an accessory a finger ring might seem, it has the power to bring the entire look together seamlessly. Adorn your beautiful fingers with bold or delicate rings that go with the patterns and colors on the apparel you’re wearing, such as the dull gold ethnic ring we have paired with our blue Adrika Bandhani Printed Kurta, and the glimmering gemstone ring worn with the Tanika Embroidered Kurta Set.


  1. Bring in the Swager With Sunglasses

Sunglasses seamlessly align with the ever-evolving script of fashion. They are not just a shield of protection for your eyes, but also windows to express and flaunt your glamorous style. Take your pick from a range of frames, like the wayfarers that we’ve paired with our blue Skyfall Cotton Top and the brown Windsor sunglasses donned with our yellow Sunshine Cotton Top.  Choose your shades from an array of tints and shapes to harmonize your ensemble.   


  1. The Crowning Glory


Transform your outfit from mundane to marvelous by adorning your elegant tresses with hair accessories, such as the headband and the scrunchie our models are seen wearing with the Pearl Maxi Dress and Nysa Cotton Co-Ord Set, respectively, from our collection; or, hold the hair delicately on one side with a studded hairclip, as we’ve styled with our Maya Mul Kurta.


  1. Fine-Tune the Footwear Game

Stride ahead donning footwear that exudes style and functionality. Slip your feet into shoes that leave a fashion footprint. Notice the shoe symphony we’ve created to transform some of our apparel. The bold red pumps worn with the Adrika Kurta set an air of confidence, making it perfect for a date. The comfy pastel green flats complement our Tobascana Co-Ord Set and are a great pick for a casual outing. Last but not least—check out how the sophisticated cream slip-on satin pumps elevate the elegance of the yellow Mishika Printed Kurta.  


Perceive styling as an art and you’ll be able to create countless unique looks using the same outfits. You’ll realize how your accessories narrate a story your ensemble alone cannot. Unleash your creative self and put together enchanting looks using the power of accessorizing.

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