About Us


An artisanal brand inspired by India’s rich heritage persistently aiming to create ethnic silhouettes with a global appeal. That’s our story.


Established in Mumbai in the year 2018, we at Atheia are constantly striving to redefine affordable luxury in India. The emphasis has always been wearability, comfort and value for money. The brand’s minimalist yet fashion-forward fare brings about a flawless blend of heritage and contemporaneity.

In our rapidly evolving culture, the current generation of young women experience an extensive amount of influences. We are of the opinion that regardless of the enormous foreign aesthetic impetus, India has always defined an identity for itself. Thus, the brand believes in reinventing traditional crafts and designs, keeping in mind the quintessential Indian woman of today. We understand that style is personal and individual but so is our design. At Atheia we keep our silhouettes classic while paying great attention to the tiniest of details that go behind the making of a garment and the purity of the fabrics used.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you!


Handcrafted entirely in India – from raw materials to tailoring, we are proudly local.